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Joni Gingrich

San Jose, CA
Cruise, Tropical Island & Mediterranean Specialist

After more than 28 years in this business, I still love to sell travel. I also love to expand my travel knowledge, and keep updated on new improvements and offerings from around the world. I do this by visiting my destination specialties on a regu...

There is nothing like an in depth visit to a destination that offers insight, an experience worth recommending, and the tricks or tips necessary to spend your time wisely.

My most recent focus area was for a certification was with Oceania Cruises. Completed the Academy and gained their "Certification of Expertise", along with first hand ship knowledge.

Last year was my study and explorations of Scotland. I visited the highlands, spent time in their cities, enjoyed lessons with falcons and gun dogs, and watched an out of season snow storm close the golf course! There is so much to see and do, from whiskey tasting to pub crawls to walking, biking, hiking and camping the highlands.

I have enjoyed many trips to Europe, focused on cruising and the ports, rented cars to explore the National Park in Croatia, trains through Italy and Germany, and a road trip from Prague to Budapest. I've gone to Greece multiple times and have up to date information about visiting the islands, taking ferries versus the inter island flights, and why a day visit in Santorini from a cruise ship is just not enough.

Let me help you plan your trip to the Caribbean. I have been able to spend time on many islands; Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, USVI and the BVI, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts and St. Martin.

Fiji was one of my favorite experiences. The Captain Cook cruise was my favorite part, and visiting the villages, and tasting the kava during the ceremony the locals shared with us.
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